Open Kitchen Night 2012… “Greatness”

Written by LaSchelle' Owens, Summer Institute Instructor 2012

It has been a great summer! For 5 weeks students have grown individually as well as enhanced their cooking skills. Summer Institute Class 2012 Congrats!!! It has been well worth every moment of learning all about cooking, varying from knife skills, healthy alternatives, to cross contamination, and even a chance to prepare some dishes from a few international countries Jamaica, El Salvador and Thailand. Open Kitchen Night was designed to be a celebration of our student’s accomplishments and a chance for them to prepare and share their wonderful creations with their friends and family.

We loved watching the students get down and dirty in the kitchen to prep for our big event. Everything ran smoothly as we diligently blended smoothies, stuffed patties, and baked cookies.  With mouths watering for a taste of all of the dishes, the students pushed forward and superbly prepared each dish.  The kitchen was bursting with energy and excitement!


Our Brainfood Summer institute students worked very hard, mixed with a little fun behind the scenes, to prepare a few delicious dishes for all of our family and friends. Our menu was: A green smoothie, Jamaican Turkey Patties, Spinach Lasagna Cupcakes, Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Sweet Potato Biscuits with Maple butter, and Salsa Fresca with homemade tortilla chips.


At last everything was ready to be served… Family members arrived after 5pm to support our Brainfood Summer Institute students as they finished up their last bit of preparation. It was a pleasure to see the awe in everyone’s face as we announced that the dishes they were eating were prepared by the students.  Looking back on the summer it was great to have each and every student present, each person left with something new learned and with a new family connection to Brainfood.

Congratulations Summer Institute 2012!!!


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