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Brainfood Gives Thanks for Farmers

Written by: Maeve Rafferty, Program Coordinator

I can eat strawberries any month of the year

I can always request guacamole on the side of my Chipotle burrito (despite an avocados inability to grow in The District).

I can sift through cooking blogs, magazines and books to make that recipe I love for brussels sprouts hoping to make my students fall in love with them too. 

All I have to do is walk to Safeway.  It’s all quite simple really. 

So often I forget to think how truly remarkable that is. 

Community MVPs Coating Ceremony 2013

Blog post by Sarah Lange, Spring Intern

A big “Congratulations!” is in order for 11 of our Community MVPs who received their chef coats on Tuesday.

Springing into the Garden!

The sun was shining and the clouds broke for us as we dug in to our first garden work day of the season. We were so excited to get back into the garden as the first full growing season at the Brainfood Youth Garden begins. 


Open Kitchen Celebration 2013

This past week, Brainfood Kitchen All Stars had their spring Open Kitchen celebration. Similar to our Holiday Celebration in December, the students choose and cooked all the dishes served. This event was a time for our remarkable students to enjoy an afternoon with their fellow students, family and friends in celebrating their accomplishments at Brainfood this year.

It's all about technique

Yesterday, chef David Shewmaker joined Brainfood at our Columbia Heights location. After nearly 30 years of work in kitchens around the country, David had quite a few tricks up his chef's coat sleeve.


Community MVPs Take Their Show On The Road

Blog post by Sarah Lange, Spring Intern

What comes to mind when you think of a typical 2nd grade classroom? Probably not portable burners, cutting boards, or tomatillos. But that is just what our Community MVPs used to transform a classroom into a kitchen when they traveled to Smothers Elementary School for a mobile cooking workshop with The Literacy Lab last Thursday.  


Salad Challenge!

This week brought out the creative side in all of us. We had our annual signature salad challenge, which was a huge success! We brought back our knowledge of MyPlate and the food groups to create balanced and innovative salads. We had the Rainbow Wonder, Tropical Fusion, Salad from the District, Brittany styled Chipotle, and so many more.

Our ingredients ranged from relish to rice, bacon to strawberries, with of course the classic lettuce and tomato thrown in there. Our amazing volunteers also had time to shine, creating their own personalized salads.

Take a look at our creations!





Community MVPs FIRST Workshop!

Written by Maeve Rafferty, Program Coordinator, Community MVPs

We made believers out of our MVPs (alright, and me) that a moist, crispy round the edges, soft in the middle, sweet, gotta-have-more-than-just-one, healthy cookie, does in fact exist!   Though the true test, as to whether these cookies were as good as we thought, was held last Thursday.   Twenty four kids from DC Scores, ages 9-11, came to our kitchen to try a hand at making and tasting them as well.  
Now I love words but the real story of this workshop has to be told with pictures.  

The workshop began in our classroom and lets just say all hands went right up when Sylverline asked, “Who likes Cookies?!”


Granville Moore's at Brainfood!

Last week Brainfood had the honor of hosting Chef Teddy Folkman, of Granville Moore's, in our class at Chinatown.  Teddy filled the kitchen with energy and passion.  What was up his sleeve this time?  Arugula Pesto Pasta with Shrimp and Blackened Chicken with a homemade ranch dressing.  

Volunteer Spotlight...Alan Seifert!

Volunteer Spotlight….because we can’t do it without them!

         We rely very heavily on our volunteers here at Brainfood.  They come to class once a week and work one-on-one with students, help prevent cooking disasters, clean up spills and lend words of wisdom and kind thoughts to participants.   Our volunteers are such rock stars that we thought you all should have a chance to see Brainfood from their perspective.  

        This month we would like to present to you, Brainfood Weekly Classroom Assistant, Alan Seifert!  Alan volunteers every Thursday at our Chinatown location.  Here are some of his thoughts…

1.  Why did you join Brainfood?
 I enjoy interacting with young people.  I like getting to know them, bantering with them and passing along some mentoring in a low key way.  Also, eating and cooking are a big part of my life.  Brainfood serves both these interests.


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