Wontons, Pickles, and More: Guest Chefs in the Kitchen!

Kitchen All Stars participants have been hard at work all year advancing their cooking prowess, building healthy group dynamics with their classmates, and developing leadership skills. As we approach the final weeks of afterschool programming, it’s the perfect time to bring in culinary professionals who graciously offer their time and skills to further our teens’ exposure to new foods and cooking techniques.

Last week, participants at our Columbia Heights site hosted two engaging Guest Chefs. We are thankful for Chefs Ztang Ruangsangwatana of DC Noodles and Yi Wah and Caitlin Roberts of Number 1 Sons for their fun and informative workshops!

Share in our fun, and check out these great action shots from last week’s classes! Stay tuned for more updates from additional guest chef visits on our blog and social media in the coming weeks...

Chef Ztang demonstrating knife skills


How to fold wontons

     Chef Ztang
 led students in the making of three different Asian cheese wontons (smoked salmon & dill / bacon & fig / crab & scallions), in addition to a simple yet satisfying sweet and sour sauce.

She also shared some of her tricks for plating and presentation and introduced us to new kitchen tools!
Teens preparing figsUncooked wontons
Plated foodGroup shot with Chef Ztang

Brother-sister duo Yi Wah and Caitlin Roberts taught us a thing or two about fermentation!

These Number 1 Sons folks brought pickle, kraut, and kimchi samples for us to try, shared the history and process of preservation, and led our teens in their own DIY ferment adventure. 

Caitlin demonstrating knife skills Teens chopping veggiesYi Wah teachingGrilled cheese with kimchiStudents made their own ferment

Kimchi / kraut samples



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