Box Project Photo Diary

Posted by Kate Todd, 2016 Box Project Intern, Junior at the University of Virginia

It's been an exciting first couple weeks at Box Project, and I love capturing as many of the photogenic moments as possible! Here are some of my favorite snapshots of the products and activities here at Brainfood Box Project.

Week 1 almond-rolled brownie bites were a big hit among participants and clients - believe it or not, their taste is even better than their aesthetic.

The first Fun Friday pizza challenge! Tatyanna and Myla channel their inner innovator while creating a scrumptious Asian fusion pizza.

Here we have some exquisite breakfast quiches we sampled for the client boxes this upcoming week!

Ryneisha and Shawnee, masters of the art of Challah braiding. They patiently showed me the ropes - it took me a little while to catch on but I was eager to learn a new culinary skill!

Getting up close and personal with this beauteous bunch of Swiss Chard. The produce that goes into the boxes are immensely fresh and the epitome of photogenic.

A box exposed! Last week's box theme was "Make the Most of It" - we whipped up some snacks using ingredients that are typically thrown out, for example, broccoli stem pesto and carrot pulp black bean veggie burgers (savory and scrumptious).


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