Box Project CSA


This summer program gives Brainfood graduates the opportunity to showcase their cooking and leadership skills by running a seasonal summer CSA operation.  Participants will be responsible for planning, creating, and marketing a CSA box-series that includes variety of prepared foods, organically grown local produce, and support resources like recipes and healthy eating tips to help CSA subscribers make the most of new ingredients.


The CSA runs for six weeks from June 30th through August 4th  with pickup from 4-7pm on Thursdays at 900 Massachusetts Ave. NW. Get your name on our list for the Summer 2016 CSA!


Check out past photos from Box Project here!
Please contact Aimee McLaughlin at [email protected] with any questions!


Brainfood Boxes: Delicious Contents, Fresh Approach

Our boxes build on the model of community supported agriculture, where subscribers sign up at the beginning of a growing season to receive seasonal fruits, vegetables, or food products.

Though our boxes are unique - and here's why:

Your box includes prepared foods that are youth-approved and homemade.

  • Teens in the Brainfood Box Project will prepare all the food items for our boxes and gain experience in food production, growing and harvesting produce, and marketing.


Your box supports a local farm.

  • Box subscribers will also receive fresh locally grown produce from a nearby farm.  This could include herbs, vegetables, and other non-processed produce


Your box might teach you a thing or two!  

  • Our CSA boxes will mirror our belief that making healthy changes starts with education and support by including recipes, cooking tips, and suggestions on how utilize new produce