Summer Institute 2012 Begins!!

After weeks of preparation we finally opened the doors on Monday, June 25th to this year’s Summer Institute participants!  We’ve got a full kitchen with an average of 25 students every day plus four staff members.  So far we have played lots of name games and ice breakers as well as completed kitchen scavenger hunts.  The students have proved their already developing cooking skills by turning out some delicious treats including:  oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, sweet potato biscuits and almost vegan chocolate chip pumpkin cupcakes.  We’ve made scrumptious breakfast recipes, Peter Paul pancakes, mushroom sausage quiche and crunchy granola bites.  To finish out the week we had a pizza extravaganza challenge!


Each student brainstormed exactly how they wanted their individual pizza to look and taste and then traded pizza recipes with their classmates.  It’s a hard task to leave your “dream pizza” in the hands of another person but the students persevered and in the end enjoyed the delicious pizza made by the hands of their classmates.  With friendships forming and people already stepping out of their shells, I’m confident we have a fun packed summer in front of us!   I’m excited to see what the rest of the summer brings.



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