Highlights of International Unit at Kitchen All Stars

 Blog post written by Janeya Lee, DC Career Connect Intern

For the past two weeks in Kitchen All Stars we have been learning and making about international foods. We have been to Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, China, and Italy. The food was great. 

For Jamaica Day we had Coco Bread and Beef Patties (not the frozen ones!). I was happy because everyone was very into the recipes and having fun. Thailand Day was such a spicy day. I enjoyed all the recipes. For Mexico Day we had sopes and elote. The ingredients in some foods definitely made me think, “What is that? Why does that have to go in there?” My group expectation for that day was to try new things, which I did, and I actualy really liked them! The elote is roasted corn on the cob with mayonnaise and seasoning such as lime, chili powder, and cotjia cheese on it. The sopes are kind of like tortillas but you can put things in them. We also made tres leches for dessert. The recipes turned out great that day.

For China Day we had beef and broccoli and potstickers. These recipes were great and the students were happy about the recipes. The beef and broccoli was not your regular carry out beef and broccoli! The potstickers were great and the sauce that was with it was too. For Italy Day we made chicken parmesan, orange chocolate biscotti and pumpkin and goat cheese ravioli with sage butter sauce. 

 It was my first time trying pumpkin, and I have to say that it was not bad. The chicken parmesan is something that I have cooked before but I liked this recipe better. The biscotti  is something that I have always seen but never tasted. It was very good!  Who doesn’t love something has chocolate on it?

I cannot wait for the rest of the weeks to come.


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