Guest Chef Roopal Saran at Brainfood!

Hello all Brainfood followers… Just in case you have not been keeping up with all the fun we have been having, we have started cooking international food!  As a part of our intro into international food, we were able to welcome guest Chef Roopal Saran!! Roopal, whom is also one of the Brainfood board members, brought us a delightful taste of INDIA!

She took her time to highlight the new skills that students were unfamiliar with, and demo a few new skills they used to make a few of the dishes.  Roopal also shared with us her knowledge and experience on the basics of Indian cooking, cultural food norms, and then show off all the tasty new ingredients she brought. This was their first day of our international cooking unit! The dishes we prepared were: Samosas, Palak Paneer, Chole, Puri, and Mint and Coriander Chutney.






We prepared all of the dishes separately in the kitchen. Each of the recipes were vegetarian however each very different in its own way.  We made samosas where students learned how to stuff them with a potato like filling and fry the tortilla like dish and serve while it was nice and hot. Students also prepared a dish called Palak Paneer which is a spinach and cheese curry dish. Chole, a chickpea curry dish, was an interesting dish where the students were able to sauté the chickpeas and also used some unique Indian spices to add a spicy touch of flavor. Puri, puffed wheat bread dish, was also a very interesting dish.  Students prepared the bread but were all surprised to fry the bread and watch it puff into a delectable hot bread they could enjoy. Lastly they prepared a mint and coriander chutney which may have been one of the easier recipes to complete. It was a pureed blend of familiar spices the students knew such as coriander and mint (hence the name), lemon, cumin and garlic just to name a few.
  Once all of the dishes were cooked we all gathered together as a traditional Indian and Brainfood family would do and enjoyed eating everything we prepared.
Overall, we had a blast visiting India in our Brainfood Kitchen, and we all left with full bellies and a taste of what it is like to prepare vegetarian Indian dishes!



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