Community MVPs First Ever Graduation Ceremony!!

I have to say, this has been one amazing year at Brainfood!  With the launch of our pilot program, Community MVPs, everyone has been on their toes and working hard.  Last week the MVPs program culminated with a wonderful, heartwarming graduation.  After leading seven healthy cooking workshops, teaching over 250 workshop participants, winning a youth grant from Youth Service America, donating food, learning about food access in DC and public speaking skills the MVPs students were honored by their friends and family for all their accomplishments.  Of course, the class very willingly prepared delicious, and healthy, food for the event including: tuna melt bruschetta, black bean veggie burgers with guacamole, spinach lasagna cupcakes, whole wheat spice cookies and, a class favorite, vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes!  


After enjoying the tasty treats everyone watched a delightful slide show documenting all the events and good times had this year in the MVPs class.  We then called up students one by one to receive their certificates and stipend checks from all the hard worked hours spent at workshops throughout the year.  After many hugs, smiles and a few tears we say goodbye and good luck to the inaugural class of Community MVPs.  This year was a huge success and we hope there are many more to come.   Congratulations MVPs you did a great job this year!  





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